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Owner’s Management Companies, Financial and Legal Services


Owner’s Management Companies are Limited Companies, and are thus subject to all Companies Acts.

In addition, the Multi-Unit Developments Act 2011 imposed many new requirements on developers, directors and members of typical apartment management companies. These new requirements apply to service charges, sinking funds, house rules, a new requirement to transfer over the common areas and many other new procedures that directors must follow to the letter.

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ELO Property Management can help with this, as well as the following:

• Preparation of service charge and Sinking Fund budgets (prepared annually for approval by the Board of Directors)

• Setting, issuing and collecting service charge notifications and payments (as per the lease agreement)

• Setting up resident payment schemes for service charges

• Providing a financial accounting service including managing service charge arrears

Supplier and contractor invoice verification and subsequent payment

• Answering resident queries on service charges

• Providing financial information to Directors on a quarterly basis if required

• Liaising with auditors to prepare audited accounts, auditors report and financial statements

• Bookkeeping, accounting, maintaining bank accounts and reconciling statements in compliance with accounting standards

• Liaising with Directors on the content of the prepared annual accounts

• Payment of wages and dealing with PAYE and PRSI for management company employees, if any

• Liaison with the management company’s solicitors and other professional advisors