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Why Choose ELO Property Management?

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ELO Property Management operates from offices in Hilltop Court, Raheny and in Eustace Street, Temple Bar.

What’s in it for me?

We’re highly experienced in every aspect of property management and we’re on your side. We know what needs to be done and we know how to do it.

We’ll keep you up to date with regular information on work schedules, what we’re doing for you, how much it will cost and how it will affect your building.

We’ll follow the money and make sure your accounts are in order, down to the very last cent. We know the going rates for cleaning, maintenance and supplies and we know how to negotiate a good deal. We’ll help get an excellent standard of service at the keenest rates. We understand the property business and we’re used to dealing with developers, residents, banks, local authorities, legal representatives, auditors, tradespeople and contractors. We take the hassle from your door and make sure everything is done properly.

We will help you get the most from the warranties, insurance policies and guarantees which are sometimes neglected by OMC’s because they don’t understand them. We will deal with insurance companies, Homebond, professional associations and others to ensure you receive your entitlements without delay or dilution. We know every euro matters to owners, residents and Owners’ Management Companies. ELO can save you money both in management fees and in service costs

Risks you may face

We always aim to protect and increase the asset value of the properties we manage. Apartments in identical buildings can end up having very different market values depending on the management approach taken. We have the expertise to make sure that long-term value isn’t compromised just because funds are tight.

Members and directors of OMCs are exposed to more risk and responsibility than ever before. We will guide you through the new processes and make sure all the angles are covered.